3 Reasons Why It Is Time To Bid Your Wisdom Teeth Goodbye

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Did you know that since wisdom teeth are the last to form in the mouth, not everyone has ample space to accommodate them? This means that many people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, where these teeth are unable to attain a healthy state. As such, it is wise to seek the expertise of an emergency dental practitioner for removal services. Here are clear indications that it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed: 

17 November 2022

What Can A Periodontist Do For Advanced Gum Disease?

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Mild gum disease is usually fairly easy to treat at home. You start brushing your teeth more often, and perhaps you use an antibacterial mouthwash for a few weeks. When your gum disease progresses past this early stage, however, you generally need to pursue professional treatment. Your general dentist may refer you to a periodontist, who is a dentist who specializes in issues affecting the gums and ligaments of the mouth.

14 October 2022

Having A Root Canal Done To Your Damaged Tooth

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For a dental patient that has suffered substantial tooth damage or that has a significant tooth infection, a root canal can be a vital procedure for preventing the tooth from being lost due to these issues. You May Need A Day Or Two To Acclimate To Having The Crown On The Teeth That Underwent Root Canals As part of the root canal process, a patient will have a crown applied to the top of their tooth.

19 September 2022

Correcting The Dental Alignment Issues You May Have Developed

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There are few dental procedures that will have a larger impact on your appearance than orthodontic treatments. These procedures can correct alignment and spacing issues with your teeth so that your smile will be as attractive as possible while also alleviating the functional issues that these alignment problems can create. Traditional Metal Braces Are Not The Only Orthodontic Treatment Option It can be understandable for individuals to assume that metal braces are the only orthodontic treatments that they will be able to use to alleviate their issues.

12 August 2022

3 Reasons Your Kids Should Visit A Dentist Regularly

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Your child's teeth develop rapidly during the first few years of life. During this stage, they may experience issues such as cracked or broken teeth, receding gums, cavities, and loose teeth. So, it is important to help your kid maintain good teeth health by having them visit a dentist frequently. Read on to understand why frequent dental checkups are essential for your child. 1. Instill Appropriate Oral Hygiene in Their Early Age

8 July 2022

Signs Of Dental Implant Failure

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Dental implants are a popular cosmetic solution for replacing missing teeth. During this treatment, your dentist will permanently fix false teeth customized to match the color of your teeth and your smile.  Although dental implants have a high success rate, sometimes this treatment may fail because of certain medical conditions, complications of the surgery, and infection at the implant site. Look out for these signs of dental implant failure. Implants Feeling Loose

31 May 2022

Steps For Invisible Braces And Treatment

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Having crooked teeth, overbites, or related dental issues used to mean it was time to get braces. The braces were generally made of metal and your options were fairly limited. There have been many advancements in dental health and treatments to expand what options are available when braces are needed. One of these options is to use invisible braces and their treatment plans. Here are some of the steps to this process and what you should consider before getting them.

19 April 2022

Why Do You Have To Watch What You Eat When You Have A Dental Crown?

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Aren't dental crowns supposed to be tough? Will food really damage them or make them fall out? Is it even worth getting a crown given this information? Yes, it's still worth getting a dental crown. Food doesn't affect dental crowns because the crowns are super fragile; it affects them because the pressure exerted on the crown as it's wedged between teeth is too much for the adhesive bond or the side of the crown that's being crushed.

15 March 2022

3 Brilliant Ideas To Protect Your Child's Smile

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Your toddler's personality is starting to show through their smile, and you want to make sure they have a healthy one! Out of excitement, you may persuade yourself that taking your young kid to a general dentist as soon as they have teeth is a good idea. However, it's best to postpone seeing a pediatric dentist until after your child turns four. Here are three brilliant ideas to help care for your child's dental health.

1 February 2022

Learn How Dentists Use PPE Medical Supplies

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Hospitals and doctor's offices aren't the only ones who need to stay stocked up on personal protective equipment (PPE) medical supplies. Dental offices also use many of the same supplies as hospitals and doctor's offices. You will be able to learn about some of the PPE medical supplies a dentist office use on a regular basis and the importance of those supplies here:  Latex gloves Latex gloves are used on a daily basis in the dental field.

6 December 2021