3 Reasons Why It Is Time To Bid Your Wisdom Teeth Goodbye

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Did you know that since wisdom teeth are the last to form in the mouth, not everyone has ample space to accommodate them? This means that many people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, where these teeth are unable to attain a healthy state. As such, it is wise to seek the expertise of an emergency dental practitioner for removal services. Here are clear indications that it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed: 

Pain and Irritation

Wisdom teeth start to develop from the late adolescence stage up to the mid-twenties. It is all well and good if your teeth are in the right position, but it spells trouble if you start feeling pain, discomfort, and irritation. In many cases, a toothache can bring your well-being and productivity to a halt until you have the problem professionally addressed.

If this is the case, it becomes difficult to chew food or communicate effectively because your speech is altered. Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause infections if the complication is not curbed in time. Accordingly, you should contact your emergency dentist promptly to examine your mouth, diagnose the condition, and provide an effective and lasting remedy.

Damage to the Jaw and Adjacent Teeth

If a wisdom tooth has no space for emerging, it can end up damaging your jawbone. Once teeth shift from their rightful positions, it may result in excruciating pain. Moreover, the growth of wisdom teeth results in a shift of some teeth from their original positions, causing overcrowding. The crowding leads to sensitivity of the affected teeth, biting problems, and pain.

As soon as you begin to feel pain in your mouth, consider addressing the issue by seeking help and advice from an emergency dental expert. Failure to do so will likely have you experiencing more serious issues.

Gum Inflammation

Oral well-being incorporates having healthy gums to support your strong teeth. If a wisdom tooth fails to emerge in the right manner, it leads to an impacted tooth, as a result of which the gum is negatively affected. A swollen gum is painful and limits you from effectively brushing or flossing teeth. This can lead to additional issues like tooth cavities and decay.

Entrusting your oral health to a reputable emergency dental practitioner ensures that you receive quality treatment and care. It is a cost-effective way to prioritize your well-being because any emerging problems can be resolved before they escalate and require more extensive treatment.

Contact a local emergency dental service to learn more. 


17 November 2022

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