Steps For Invisible Braces And Treatment

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Having crooked teeth, overbites, or related dental issues used to mean it was time to get braces. The braces were generally made of metal and your options were fairly limited. There have been many advancements in dental health and treatments to expand what options are available when braces are needed. One of these options is to use invisible braces and their treatment plans. Here are some of the steps to this process and what you should consider before getting them.

19 April 2022

Why Do You Have To Watch What You Eat When You Have A Dental Crown?

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Aren't dental crowns supposed to be tough? Will food really damage them or make them fall out? Is it even worth getting a crown given this information? Yes, it's still worth getting a dental crown. Food doesn't affect dental crowns because the crowns are super fragile; it affects them because the pressure exerted on the crown as it's wedged between teeth is too much for the adhesive bond or the side of the crown that's being crushed.

15 March 2022

3 Brilliant Ideas To Protect Your Child's Smile

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Your toddler's personality is starting to show through their smile, and you want to make sure they have a healthy one! Out of excitement, you may persuade yourself that taking your young kid to a general dentist as soon as they have teeth is a good idea. However, it's best to postpone seeing a pediatric dentist until after your child turns four. Here are three brilliant ideas to help care for your child's dental health.

1 February 2022