3 Things That Cause Toothaches That Require Emmergency Dental Services

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Toothaches are one of the most common types of oral complications. There are a variety of things that can cause them. Sometimes individuals attempt to self-medicate their toothaches. They may use techniques such as over-the-counter pain medications or not eating on the side where the toothache occurs. These measures may work temporarily, but individuals with toothaches need to go to their dentists as soon as possible. This can ensure that they do not get to a point when their toothaches will not go away.

Extremely painful toothaches usually require emergency dental services. At this point, individuals may have other symptoms such as fevers or facial swelling. The following points highlight a few causes of severe toothaches. 

Cracked Teeth

Some individuals have cracked teeth, and the cracks are not obvious. The miniature cracks may only be evident if they are discovered during a dental exam. Other types of cracks such as chipped or broken teeth are more obvious. Toothaches that are caused by cracks are often the result of tooth sensitivities. Individuals with tiny cracks need to know the seriousness of their situation. The cracks make teeth weaker and susceptible to breaking or chipping. Dentists have a variety of solutions to protect cracked teeth.

Tooth Decay

Minor decay may not result in toothaches. However, advanced tooth decay will likely cause individuals to have severe toothaches or dull pain. If it is the latter, the pain may occur intermittently. Individuals who do not get a dental exam are likely to have their minor cavities progress to severe tooth decay that may require aggressive strategies to avoid extractions. The dull pain may eventually become a severe toothache that will not subside and require emergency dental services.

Abscessed Teeth

This is a dental issue that occurs when tooth decay is present. It causes the gums to swell and may be a sign of gum disease. Sometimes abscessed teeth have a noticeable pustule on the gum line. The pus-filled sac is prone to bursting and can cause serious health complications that can be fatal. Individuals who have swollen gums and toothaches should seek emergency dental services immediately.

A dentist is the best resource to use to determine the nature of a severe toothache. Routine dental exams can reduce the need for emergency dental services for toothaches. This is because dentists will be able to identify issues and determine the best course of treatment. Sometimes that involves replacing loose or missing dental work such as dental fillings or crowns.


15 August 2023

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