Why Invisalign Work So Well For Busy Professionals

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If you're a busy professional, the idea of straightening your teeth may make you cringe a little. Sure, you want straight teeth. But the idea of having to wear braces and retainers for a year or more can be most unpleasant. Luckily, most adults do not need braces to straighten their teeth. Invisalign, which is a system of clear plastic aligners, tends to be a better option for busy professionals. Here's why this system works so well for people like you.

The aligners are not very noticeable on your teeth.

When you're in an interview, sitting across the table from an important client, or teaching a seminar to a group of first-year employees, you don't want everyone focused on your teeth. With braces, this is always a concern. But it's not a concern with clear aligners. Someone would be able to tell you were wearing the aligners if they look really closely at your mouth, but since people won't know to be looking for the aligners — and since they generally won't be that close to you — this is not a worry. You can maintain your professional appearance and not worry about your mouth distracting from your overall look.

You take the aligners out when you eat and drink.

As a busy professional, there are probably times when you eat and drink with clients, managers, and other VIPs. You don't want to have to worry about food getting caught in your dental appliances, or about being unable to eat certain goods because of your dental appliances. Neither of these issues is a concern with Invisalign. You can go to the bathroom and take out the aligners before the meal. Then, you can eat whatever is on the menu. After the meal, go back to the bathroom to pop the aligners back in place. Nobody will be the wiser.

You don't need to have a lot of checkups.

Scheduling dental checkups can be a pain when you have a busy, professional life to juggle. With this style of orthodontic treatment, you only need to see the dentist or orthodontist every couple of months for a checkup. They'll send you home with 8 or 12 weeks' worth of aligners at a time, and you just switch them out, on your own accord, as your teeth make progress. 

As a busy professional, it is possible to get straight teeth without sacrificing your lifestyle. Talk to your dentist to learn more about your options, including Invisalign.


3 December 2020

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