2 Ways To Get Your Child To A Dentist If You Are Low-Income

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If you are a person with a very low or fixed income, you know that it can be hard to make sure that you get everything done the way that it should be done. One of the things that you may have a hard time with is getting your child to a dentist. Sometimes, the dentists in your area may not take the insurance that you have, which means that you have to come up with another way to make sure that your child sees the dentist and gets the oral care that they need. There are ways that you can do that. 

1. Dental School

If you live near a dental school, you may have the option of getting a student dentist who can do the exam and any work. The students need to have practical experience, and they will work under the supervision of an experienced dentist or teacher. Generally, the students doing the work are near the end of their studies and are just working on getting some practical experience. You will usually have to pay some kind of fee to see the dentist, but the fees are generally fairly low, and the school may actually have days geared to low-income people, meaning that you may be able to some basic care without having to pay anything. 

2. Dental Clinics

Another option that you have is to find a dental clinic that you can visit. Many clinics offer a sliding scale for fees. The sliding scale will take into account your income, and then charge you according to your income and how much you can afford to pay. Another way that a clinic can help you get the treatment that your child needs is that they may be willing to set up a payment plan for you. That will let you get more extensive and expensive work done while still being able to have it fit in your budget. You will probably have to give the dental clinic a larger deposit or down payment, but once you do that, you should be able to have a smaller payment, letting you get into the payment plan that will work for you. 

If you have a limited income and you are having a hard time with getting your child to a dentist because of that, there are different ways that you can find a dentist that can help you take care of your child's oral health needs. For more information, contact your local pediatric dental clinic


6 June 2019

Fluoride: Why I Drink Tap Water

When the bottled water craze began, I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else who was drinking water from bottles instead of from the tap. I wasn't sure why bottled water was healthier, but I liked the taste. When I went for my next dental check-up, I had my first cavity in a while, so I had it filled and didn't think much of it. Well, I had two more during my next check-up after that, and I began trying to think of why my teeth were suddenly going bad. The only change in my habits was the switch to bottled water, so I made the switch back to tap water and my teeth began to improve. I created this blog to encourage others who have begun getting cavities suddenly to look into their changes in habits. They may find they made a change similar to mine.