2 Tips to Make Sure Your Fillings Match the Color of Your Whitened Teeth

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If you got fillings as a child, then your parent probably decided on the type and color of the fillings. This may have resulted in fillings that do not match the overall color of your natural teeth. Now, you may be allowed to make your own choices when it comes to filling materials and colors. If you have recently gotten your teeth whitened, then choosing your filling material and color is even more important. The wrong filling choice can result in a filling that can be seen through the natural tooth. This throws off the entire look of your mouth and smile. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help make these decisions.

Consider How Much Whiter You Want Your Smile to Be

Fillings cannot be bleached and brightened the same way your natural teeth can. Therefore, installing fillings that are darker than the color of your teeth can result in a smiling that is off-putting. Even composite fillings can be too dark or yellow if they are installed before you whiten your teeth again. If you only plan to whiten your teeth once, then you should go with the filling that match your current color. However, if you plan to go brighter, then you should consider how bright you are looking to go. Get a filling based on the desired brightness. It is easier to make your natural teeth match a filling that is too bright rather than one that is too bright. 

Get Your Fillings After Your Last Whitening Session

If your cavities are barely detectable, then you will be able to go without fillings for a long time. You should take this time to make sure your teeth are whitened to the desired shade. Once you are content with this shade, then you can choose either a porcelain or composite filling that matches the color of your natural teeth. Waiting a bit longer before getting your filling will ensure that your teeth are all uniformed. However, if your cavities or severe, then you will need to look at the shades and pick the one the matches the desired shade that you will want in the future.

Getting your fillings to match your whitened teeth can be stressful because you may not know how white you really want your teeth to be. Therefore, use these tips and talk to a dentist like those at Crystal Dental Care to help you make this decision.


28 February 2017

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