3 Fruits Containing Malic Acid To Keep Your Teeth White In Between Treatments

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If you go a couple of times a year to have your teeth cleaned and whitened, you may wonder if there is anything you can do at home to keep your teeth white in between treatments. If so, you may want to seek out the following three fruits that contain malic acid that can help remove stains and keep your smile bright.

Apple A Day Keeps The Stains Away

Apples not only keep the doctor way, but they also help brush away tartar and stains. The fruit contains high levels of malic acid, as well as fibrous tissue that scrapes away food particles and plaque from the surface of your tooth enamel.

To use apples as a treatment, eat a half to a full one after a heavy meal, especially particularly starchy meals. The acid and fiber can help dissolve the starch and sugars before they have a chance to accumulate on your teeth.

Watermelon Keeps Your Teeth White

Watermelons are refreshing during the summer months, but they also contain malic acid that can help keep your smile white and bright. Eating a small slice after meals not only gives you ample vitamins, but it can also bleach away stains caused by dark berries, coffee, or wine.

Strawberry Paste Removes Tartar And Stains

Strawberries tend to have large amounts of malic acid, not only in the meat of the fruit but also in the skin. Strawberries can be eaten to obtain some benefit, but you can also prepare a paste to treat the surface of your teeth, especially if you have been eating or drinking a lot of stain-inducing foods. Leaving the seeds in the paste also has the added benefit of providing an abrasive to remove any tartar buildup.

To prepare the treatment, remove the stem, and cut the strawberry into quarters. Then, use a fork to mash the berry into as fine a paste as possible, leaving the skin and seeds in the mixture. Use your finger to spread the paste onto your teeth, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Because there are no other ingredients, you can swallow it.

While eating and using the above fruits can minimize stains and remove yellow tartar, they are no substitute for a professional cleaning. You may want to speak with your cosmetic dentist about the frequency of your treatments, as well as discuss the use of foods as a treatment in between visits.


13 December 2016

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