Wearing Partial Dentures For Missing Teeth: Things To Know

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Does it seem like your teeth are becoming more gapped after losing a few to poor dental care? It is typical for teeth to drift apart when some are missing, but you can prevent the gaps from getting bigger by investing in partial dentures. Discover in this article what you should know about partial dentures to decide if you want them or not.

Why Are Partial Dentures a Worthy Investment?

Wearing partial dentures is a great way to keep your teeth healthy when a few are missing. You need teeth because they stimulate your jawbones to keep them strong, as the bones are stimulated when you chew food. If you allow gaps to keep getting bigger, there will be more empty spaces where your jawbones are not getting stimulated, and they will become weak (which means you might lose more teeth). Partial dentures are also beneficial because they can help you speak without sounding strange from air flowing between gaps. You will also be able to enjoy food better because it can be properly chewed without having to bite down in a special way to make sure it touches teeth instead of gums.

Should Partial Dentures Be Cared For in a Special Way?

When it comes to cleaning partial dentures, you should not use toothpaste on them. The dentures appear natural, but they require denture cleaner due to the material that they are made out of. Using toothpaste to clean your dentures might cause the surface of them to get damaged, as toothpaste is too rough. You must also keep in mind that toothbrushes with hard bristles should not be used on dentures if you want them to last long. Partial dentures will have to be removed each day when they are not being used, and must be placed in a sanitizing solution for germ prevention.

What Are Partial Dentures Estimated to Cost?

You should expect to be charged at least $300 for partial dentures to be customized for your mouth. However, the price can go over $4,000 if you opt for dentures that are assembled with gold as the metal. Another thing that will affect the overall price is the complexity of the procedure, such as if the dentist must treat other oral conditions before dentures are made. Get in touch with Ann L Ortega DDS or another local dentist as soon as you can to find out if wearing partial dentures is ideal for your problem with missing teeth!


3 January 2016

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