Choosing Between Dentures And Dental Implants

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If you are missing a good number of your teeth then you may be looking at getting dental implants or dentures. Before you decide which you would rather have, you want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will help you come to a decision on which would work best for you.

Advantages of dentures

  • Dentures are made in a non-invasive manner. You will bite on a tray so the dentist will get an impression of your gums and teeth. This impression will be used to make the dentures.
  • Dentures will replace all the teeth you are missing. They will also be made so the teeth match any natural teeth you still have, or give you a complete set of teeth that look how you want them to with regards to their shape and color.
  • Dentures fit snugly on your gums so they don't move around when you talk or eat. This makes them easy for you to get used to.

Disadvantages of dentures

  • Dentures have to be removed from your mouth in order for you to take care of them. This makes them a little higher maintenance than natural teeth or implants.
  • It can take a bit of trial and error for the dentures to be fitted properly. This can be a frustrating experience if the dentures need to be sent back to the lab for the corrections, leaving you to wait longer for them.
  • Dentures can break easily if you drop them, so you have to be careful with them.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Dental implants will look and feel like your natural teeth; they are permanent replacements that are fused to your jawbone.
  • Dental implants are brushed and flossed right along with all your other teeth.
  • Dental implants are strong, reducing the chances they will break or chip.

Disadvantages of dental implants

  • You will need to go through a surgical procedure in order to get dental implants.
  • There will be a recovery time after the procedure in which you will be uncomfortable and will more than likely need to take medication for pain.
  • As with any surgical procedure, there is the risk of infection setting in after getting the dental implants.

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits and risks of both dentures and dental implants, you are in a better position to choose which option is better for your dental situation. If you have any other questions, click here.


20 October 2015

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When the bottled water craze began, I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else who was drinking water from bottles instead of from the tap. I wasn't sure why bottled water was healthier, but I liked the taste. When I went for my next dental check-up, I had my first cavity in a while, so I had it filled and didn't think much of it. Well, I had two more during my next check-up after that, and I began trying to think of why my teeth were suddenly going bad. The only change in my habits was the switch to bottled water, so I made the switch back to tap water and my teeth began to improve. I created this blog to encourage others who have begun getting cavities suddenly to look into their changes in habits. They may find they made a change similar to mine.