How To Handle A Tooth Knock-Out Situation

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If you had a situation occur where one of your teeth become knocked out of the socket due to impact, you will want to work quickly in getting to an endodontist or dentist. If you are swift in getting needed help, you may have a chance at reusing your permanent tooth. Here are some guidelines to follow when dealing with a knocked out tooth.

Clean the Tooth

As soon as the tooth falls out, grasp it from the crown end and rinse it in plain water to remove dirt from the surface. Make sure you block the drain on the sink you are using in case the water pressure pushes the tooth from your fingers. Do not touch the roots with your fingertips, as they can disintegrate or become covered with bacteria. 

Push in Place

Attempt to line the tooth up with the socket from which it had fallen out. Make sure you are placing it in the same direction it had faced before it had fallen from your mouth. If you are able to get the tooth successfully into the socket, hold it in place with a piece of clean gauze.

Keep It Moist

If you are unable to push the tooth back into the socket, you will need to do your best to keep it moist as you make your way to an emergency dentist for assistance. The root will remain intact when transported in a container of milk. Water should be avoided as it has minerals within that can wear away portions of the cells on the roots, causing the chance they will not be able to be implanted into your mouth. 

If you do not have a container of milk readily accessible, hold the tooth between your teeth and cheek interior or lip interior. Be extremely careful not to swallow your tooth. Your saliva may keep the roots from drying so the tooth can be replaced.

Get To A Dentist

Immediately get to an emergency dentist or endodontist to see if the tooth can be salvaged. If you can get to a dentist within an hour, you have better a better chance at reusing your regular tooth. Call the dentist to alert them you have an emergency so they can attend to you before other patients. They will be on the look out for your arrival and will whisk you away to be assessed in an attempt to save your tooth. See websites like to find an endodontist.


1 October 2015

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