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Going to the dentist isn't something many people put high on their list of things they enjoy. Regular dental cleanings take time out of already busy schedules, cost money and many times lead to more invasive, expensive dental procedures. There are a large number of products on the market claiming to reverse tooth decay and improve oral health, but those products are pricey and rarely achieve the promised results. However, there are completely natural ways to improve oral health and make the next trip to the dentist an easy one. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to your routine!

  • Oil Pulling: A strange concept to some, oil pulling is the practice of swishing coconut, olive, or sesame oil in your mouth and through your teeth of 10 to 20 minutes each day. Toxins are collected in the oil with the swishing and by spitting the oil out, a person is reducing the number of toxins in the whole body.

To focus solely on the oral benefits, oil pulling can result it:

  • Increased gum health and possibly the reversal of the beginnings of gum disease, such as gingivitis
  • Better breath
  • Fewer cavities and tooth decay
  • Less plaque buildup
  • Crunch Foods: Indulging in crunchy foods like apples, celery, carrots and raw onion can reduce bacteria in the mouth by increasing the amount of saliva in the mouth. Saliva contributes to the natural self-cleaning of the mouth; the more saliva produced, the cleaner the mouth. Trade some of your daily snacks for apple slices or carrot and celery sticks. Add a few slices of raw onion to your burger or tacos—onions are a natural antibacterial food.
  • Clean with Cheese: Dairy can neutralize sugars and stabilize pH levels of the mouth.  Eating a small piece of cheese after meals or sugary foods can help keep cavities and tooth decay at bay.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drinking plenty of water each day can act as a natural mouth cleanser. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water to increase oral health. Water can also be just as cleansing as mouthwash; swish a mouthful of water after every meal to rinse out germs and other toxins.

Changing up your diet and adding oil pulling to your routine can reduce plaque buildup and overall general oral health. It's cheaper than most of those trendy products in the oral hygiene aisles and can actually benefit your overall wellness, not just your oral health. The best part is fewer trips to the dentist and gold stars at each dental cleaning! 

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11 June 2015

Fluoride: Why I Drink Tap Water

When the bottled water craze began, I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else who was drinking water from bottles instead of from the tap. I wasn't sure why bottled water was healthier, but I liked the taste. When I went for my next dental check-up, I had my first cavity in a while, so I had it filled and didn't think much of it. Well, I had two more during my next check-up after that, and I began trying to think of why my teeth were suddenly going bad. The only change in my habits was the switch to bottled water, so I made the switch back to tap water and my teeth began to improve. I created this blog to encourage others who have begun getting cavities suddenly to look into their changes in habits. They may find they made a change similar to mine.