3 Ways To Help Ease Your Child's Dental Anxiety

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For many people, going to the dentist is a normal routine event. However, some children feel downright terrified about having to go to a pediatric dentist. Fortunately though, there are a wide variety of different things that you can do to help ease your child's dental anxiety.

1. Promise A Reward

Offering a reward is often an excellent way to get your child to behave well. Let them know that if they are good at the dentist and don't have any sort of tantrum then they can look forward to getting a special reward afterwards. 

Maybe your child would like going out with the family for an ice cream cone or perhaps there is a particular toy that they would really love to have. If your child knows in advance that they will have this reward to look forward to, they will surely try and behave themselves. It also serves as a great distraction from their fears about going to the dentist.

2. Bring A Trusted Companion

Whether it's Grandma, Grandpa, or a beloved stuffed animal, it's a good idea to have a trusted companion join you at the dentist's office. Having someone there other then just you that your child loves and trusts can help a great deal with helping your child feel more relaxed. If you can bring someone with you to the dentist appointment that tends to make your child laugh easily, that would be a huge plus. Anything that you can do to help your child feel more comfortable will help make their visit to the dental office much easier for them. 

3. Meet The Dental Staff Early

If your child's dental anxiety is truly severe, it's best to have the meet the dental staff sometime prior to your child's appointment. Once your child meets them and sees how friendly they are, this should go a long ways in convincing your child that the people at the dental office are actually really nice. If you can arrange to have them give your child a small gift like perhaps some free stickers at this visit, that will help your child see the dental office as a fun place.

Having to deal with a child that is feeling anxious can be very stressful. Luckily, trying even just one or two of these suggestions should go a long ways in helping your child to feel more calm and relaxed at their next dental visit. 


29 April 2015

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