3 Risks Of Choosing Not To Have A Root Canal

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When your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, you may look for excuses to avoid going through with it. The problem with this is that when a tooth needs a root canal, it generally means there is an infection inside the tooth. If you do not get the root canal that you need, you could be taking risks that will affect your mouth and health. Read more about three risks you take by not getting a root canal when it is needed.

You Could Lose the Tooth

When a tooth needs a root canal, it is because the inner parts of the tooth are infected. A dentist must enter inside the tooth to remove the tooth pulp from it, and this is done to remove the infected parts of the tooth.

If you fail to get a root canal, the bacteria from the infection will spread and could eventually take over the entire tooth. This will result in losing the tooth, whereas a root canal will help you save the tooth.

After a root canal procedure is finished, the dentist will typically create a crown to place over the tooth. Root canals require a loss of part of a tooth, but most of the tooth will stay and it is better to have a partial tooth than no tooth at all.

It Could be Painful

In some cases, teeth that need root canals are not currently causing any pain, but there are other times when an infected tooth will be extremely painful. This pain is primarily caused by the infection in the tooth, and this infection will not go away on its own.

Dentists commonly prescribe antibiotics to kill the infection, but a root canal procedure should follow shortly afterwards. Without getting the root canal, the infection is likely to return, and you could experience more pain the second time than you did when the problem initially began.

The Infection Will Spread

The third risk you take by not getting this done is that the infection from inside the tooth could travel to other parts of your body. Infections in the mouth commonly spread to the heart and lungs. When this happens, it can put you at risk for having a stroke, or for developing heart disease or other heart problems.

Getting a root canal is not necessarily a fun event, but it can protect you from other problems. If you have a tooth ache, it could be due to an infection inside the tooth, and you should go to the dentist to have it examined. 


30 December 2014

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